What We Do

The Guelph Web Maker Meetup is just that – a meetup. Less than a meeting and more than hanging out, we get together on the second wednesday of the month to meet, share and learn with and from each other. We welcome anyone who is interested in being a web maker and in being part of a positive, fun community.

GWMM meetups have two or three speakers who give a short talk on topics as diverse as Wireframing, Photoshop tips, Web Accessibility, HAML/SASS, the Yellow Pages API and QR Codes. After our talks, we hang out and chat, trade war stories and our newest tricks of the trade.

We also talk about who’s hiring and who’s looking for work at every meetup. Making websites as a hobby is great – but we’re happy to help out those who make websites for a living as well.

The most important thing we do is build community – GWMM is a place and a group that would love to meet you and talk about making websites.