What is GWMM

The Guelph Web Maker Meetup is monthly gathering of web makers to meet up, share some food and drink and our stories about making websites.

We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the Month at the Guelph Symposium at 7pm. RSVP on our Meetup.Com site.

So, what’s a Web Maker? Anyone who is part of making a website: developers, designers, sysadmins, content authors, SEO consultants, project managers. If you help getting a website online, we want you to join us and join our conversation about how to make websites better and maybe even how to do it together.

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What We Do

The Guelph Web Maker Meetup is just that – a meetup. Less than a meeting and more than hanging out, we get together on the second wednesday of the month to meet, share and learn with and from each other. We welcome anyone who is interested in being a web maker and in being part of a positive, fun community.

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Why We Do It

We think Guelph is a fantastic community and want to help make it even better. Inspired by the KW Web Design/Dev Meetup, we wanted to build the same type of community of technology and awesome in our home town.

We do this because we love what happens when you bring people together who share a passion. For us, that passion is making websites.

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Join Now

Come out to our next meetup and see the Guelph Web Maker Meetup for yourself. Our meetups are on the 2nd wednesday of the month, so you always know when they are.

It doesn’t cost anything to come out and there’s free food and pop provided.

We use MeetUp.com to run our meetings. Go there now and get all the details on our next meetup.

Join Now!

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